Where rocky beaches and cool ocean air meet in the southern-est point of Africa, this is were you would find the lively lifestyle event known as The Cape Agulhus Cycling and Trail Race.

Surrounded by open areas, white sandy beaches and the most welcoming locals, greeting all cyclists, runners, families and prospectors with the warmest smiles and wide open arms.

During the two day event that began on December the 21st and ended on the evening of the 22nd, you would find the Tipsy Gypsy Art bar in the heart of the party! hosting and handing out the coldest of beers, ciders, coldrinks as well as our famous organic 100% fruit juice slushies; to all that came prepared to get groovy with the gypsies!

With the wonderful blend of fun in the sun and the Coca-Cola pop up stage, the crowd were having a blast in the warm weather that Struisbaai has to offer, laughing along side people from all over the country at "Raasbekkie" Carel Bezuidenhout's hilarious humor and commentary as he kept the vibe and flow of the party going around us.

In between races you could find crowds of people enjoying the local craftsmanship, walking through the markets, enjoying all that The Cape Agulhus Event had to offer, meeting local farmers, tasting all the local produce and admiring all the handcrafted goodies that would have made the perfect gift under your Christmas tree.

All in all it was a MUST ATTEND event for all Runners and Cyclists that enjoy having a beautiful view while doing what they love and for all those who enjoy a good after party at the Tipsy Gypsy Art bar, on a final note we Gypsies would like to thank SMF Events for having us and organizing such a wonderful event, See you there next year!