Wines2Whales 2018

Wines2Whales is a Nine day adventure that begins at the Lourensford Wine Estate and ends in Hermanus, this event is sponsored by FNB, FOODLOVERS MARKET, BIG BOX, CBC, MEDICLINIC, COCA-COLA and nineteen others, we would like to give a special thanks to The Cape Epic Team for the fantastic experience, it is definitely something we are looking forward to repeating in 2019.


Wines2Whales is a Three Stage Mountain Biking event that begins at The Lourensford Wine Estate

Stage One is (69Km and 1650m) begins at the estate and ends in Oak Valley Wine Estate,

Stage Two is (66Km and 1350m) Begins and ends in Oak Valley Wine Estate,

Stage Three is (72Km and 1250m) finally finishes off in Marine Hotel, Hermanus.

All in all it’s a adventurous route through valleys of vineyards and mountain tops, perfect for all you gypsy souls out there.



The Cape Trail Youth Development.

Wines2Whales has adopted various charities such as The Cape Trail Youth Development,

A charity that aims to employ the locally unemployed youth that have an interest in agriculture, they employ the gentlemen to maintain the grounds, they are sponsored daily meals as well as equipment their generous sponsors, They are however seeking sponsorship for gym equipment for the youth, email for more.

WINES2WHALES Botrivier Crèche Outreach.

Wines2Whales has “adopted” various crèches in the town of Botrivier they are in a continuous effort to give back to the impoverished community along the route of thee event.

FNB, Wines2Whales and other sponsors see it as an investment to the future of all the locals of the area, they aim to reach out and assist in renovation, maintaining and providing supplies therefore creating more labor in the community to build or rebuild schools and playgrounds, they also aim to provide necessary equipment to improve the quality of the education in the local areas.